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This website is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of Jesus in His relation to the Father and the Godhead, with respect to metaphors pertaining to water.

“From Jesus is our life derived.  In Him is life that is original,–unborrowed, underived life.  In us there is a streamlet from the fountain of life. In Him is the fountain of life.” (SpTB19 [1913, from 1905 letter], 23)

And again:

“From Jesus is our life derived.  In him is life that is original, –unborrowed, underived life.  In him is the fountain of life.” (RH, Aug 6, 1914 par. 1)

Jesus is my Saviour and Best Friend. He is everything to me (1 Cor 1:30).

Water is an area of personal and professional interest. I did my PhD on a study of water management, and I have worked in several water-related humanitarian projects.

I am also a member of the Fountain in the City church plant, so the specific word ‘fountain’ has additional interest and relevance to me.

This website is responding to a non-triune view of God that states that the fountain of life (or life-source) is categorically the Father as the life source for the Son (and possibly also Holy Spirit, depending on the extent to which His Personhood is acknowledged). Under this view, the Son and Holy Spirit may also be acknowledged to each be the (or a) Fountain of Life, but having received their life from the Father on whom they are dependant for that life. The result of this belief seems to leave Jesus, rather than being the fountain of life, as being relegated to a dependent recipient of this life-source.

It is my honest belief that those who hold to this view have not answered the clear and foundational evidence presented on this site. Personal and private appeal has already been made seeking to engage in the priesthood of believers.

The reason I am now responding publicly is that the alternative view has been publicly taught and disseminated. My hope is that this site can be discontinued, having become irrelevant, due to the effective working of the priesthood of believers.

This site is not set up to attack those with a different view. Its purpose is to:

  • Provide genuine searchers with readily and publicly available information that directly refutes what I believe to be misinformation.
  • Provide a loving appeal to reconsider to those who may presently hold a different view.
  • Genuinely engage in the priesthood of believers.

If I am found to be wrong, I will endeavour to humbly rectify my error, as I continue to learn and grow. I certainly do not know everything there is to know about God!

I personally know, admire, love and respect a number of people who hold different views to my own. Some of these people are very close to me. It is my sincere hope that the publishing of this site will not threaten any of these friendships, but that it will only be a stepping stone in the priesthood of believers.

It is assumed that the Bible and Ellen White’s writings are already familiar to the reader, and taken by the reader as inspired. That is also the assumption of the viewpoint to which this site is responding.

This starting point therefore makes this site irrelevant to the vast majority of the world, and that is readily acknowledged.

I also uphold the Bible as the highest and only rule of faith and practice. Ellen White herself affirmed this many times. This site has been prepared, however, not to present a systematic theology of God built from first principles but as a mid-stream engagement in an ongoing dialogue.

Daniel Livingston, October 2010